Celebrating our Alumni

December 19, 2023, by Maria Juan-Blasco

Nothing connects us more with the GHGMI mission than hearing directly from our alumni and the ways in which, what they have learned, is being applied to real-life scenarios through their work.

On December 5th, we had the unique opportunity to meet some of our alumni in person and celebrate 15 years of GHGMI and UNFCCC alumni success. This networking gathering took place in Dubai under the #Together4Transparency events at COP28.

One of the significant benefits of online learning is that it allows us to have interactions with GHG professionals from diverse professional and geographic backgrounds. Now going on fifteen years of training, we have collected the inspiring testimonials of our alumni that overcame challenges, and remained dedicated and motivated in pursuit of skills in carbon management. We heard from many of our alumni that GHGMI training provided fundamental knowledge to guide their development of sustainability programs in the private sector, to build their technical skills enabling them to feel confident in leading national inventories, and to be able to identify areas for improvement in GHG accounting work and resources to aid in this improvement process.

We are deeply grateful to all of our alumni for their tireless efforts to find climate solutions and succeed in their GHG management roles. Nothing is more motivating to continue the work we do at GHGMI!

We look forward to staying in touch with you and learning more from our alumni in future GHGMI alumni celebrations!

Special thanks to our COP28 Alumni Celebration event’s co-hosts Mr. Donald Cooper, Mr. Javier Hanna, Mr. Dominique Revet, and Jigme of the UNFCCC Transparency Division; and to the alumni who shared the highlights of their training and professional work with all the attendees: Mr. Babacar Sarr (Senegal), Ms. Sophya Geghamyan (Armenia), and Ms. Yoisy Castillo (Panama).

2 responses to “Celebrating our Alumni”

  1. Dr. Charity Nalweya says:

    Thank for the good work that you do to build eexperts in GHG accounting. I would like to eenroll my GHG coordinating team to take up online GHG accounting courses with your iinstitute. Which courses would you recommend for starters ie people just starting up their careers in GHG accounting. My institution the ZZambia Environmental Management Agency is the GHG and MRV coordinating Agency. Iin prepaing for the ETF and carbon markets a very strong coordinating team is needed. Your advice in this regard will be highly appreciated. Best regards Charity

  2. Maria Juan-Blasco says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Charity. Please expect to receive an email from the Registrar’s Office with additional information.
    Best regards, Maria

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