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204 Basics of Subnational GHG Accounting


Many subnational governments are taking action to manage their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a cause of climate change. Tracking GHG emissions is a key foundation to implementing effective climate action. Subnational governments must be equipped to understand the process of emissions tracking in order to prioritize their climate actions and enhance the design of their emissions reduction strategies.

The objective of this course is to support subnational governments in developing and mainstreaming their GHG emissions tracking capacity. This interactive course provides an introduction to the topic.


  • Lesson 1: Introduction and Overview
  • Lesson 2: Basics of GHG Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV)
  • Lesson 3: MRV Systems
  • Lesson 4: Data Collection
  • Lesson 5: GHG Calculation Methods
  • Lesson 6: Cross-Cutting Issues

Who should attend:

Anyone with an interest in GHG management within subnational government. Those professionals who are already subnational inventory compilers, sector leads or technical working group members, or policy implementers, or project managers, will find the course particularly useful.

Due to the varied backgrounds and experiences of subnational governments, we have developed this course to be widely accessible and generally applicable. Although the objectives for each learner may differ, our aim is that all learners complete this course acquiring a greater familiarity of GHG emissions tracking topics. This familiarity should allow for direct and indirect improved ways of addressing climate change within the subnational context.

Approximate number of working hours to complete: 16 to 20

Availability: This course is available online, 24/7

Level: Introductory

Languages: English or to register in Spanish or Portuguese


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