Michael Gillenwater

Executive Director, Dean of the Institute and Co-Founder

Michael Gillenwater co-founded the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, and serves as its Dean and Executive Director. Dr. Gillenwater is a leading expert on climate change and renewable energy, with a …

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Tom Baumann

Director of Knowledge Management and Co-Founder

Tom Baumann is Co-founder and Director of Knowledge Management at the GHG Management Institute. Tom’s focus is to help establish a robust system of knowledge content, tools, processes, networks and …

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Patrick Cage

Program Officer

Patrick serves as a Program Officer for the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. Patrick works largely with GHGMI’s The Carbon Institute to develop partnerships between international experts and academic institutions to …

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kgoldman headshot edited_smaller

Kathryn Bickel Goldman

Senior Fellow

Kathryn is developing content for a number of new GHGMI courses. Kathryn has been working on climate change policy for over a decade. Her experience includes greenhouse gas inventory development, …

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Lisa Hanle

Lisa Hanle

Senior Fellow

Lisa has been active in the reporting and review of GHG inventory information at the project, facility, national and international level for 16 years. Most recently, Lisa served as a …

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Anup Joshi


Anup Joshi teaches courses on the technical aspects of terrestrial carbon accounting which include field inventory, remote sensing, and GIS for measuring and mapping forest carbon stocks. These courses, taught …

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Caroline Lauer

Registrar Assistant

Caroline is a Registrar Assistant for the GHG Management Institute.  In this role, Caroline oversees proficiency exam marking and certificate issuance.  She also helps process learner enrollment and financial aide …

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Global NDC Conference 2017, Berlin

Scott A. Muller

Director, Subnational Program

Scott’s focus is to support the creation of climate action pathways, that integrate governance and accelerate the subnational implementation of GHG emission reduction goals. New institutional arrangements and technical capacity …

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John O. Niles

Director, The Carbon Institute

John (“John-O”) Niles teaches courses on terrestrial carbon accounting and REDD+. He is Director of the Carbon Institute, a dedicated initiative of GHGMI that promotes innovative and interdisciplinary science, education …

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Stelios Pesmajoglou

Director, Professional Programs

Stelios Pesmajoglou is responsible for developing the Professional Certification Programs of the GHGMI. Stelios has more than 14 years of national and international experience on a broad range of issues …

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