December 13, 2015, by Michael Gillenwater

Wow! We witnessed history being made a couple hours ago. All of us at the GHG Management Institute are sincerely hopeful that our grandchildren will view the Paris Agreement as …

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What David Roberts Gets Wrong about “Buying” Green Power

November 12, 2015, by Michael Gillenwater

Vox columnist David Roberts, who has spent years as an environmental blogger digging in on abstruse climate and energy issues and is one of the best of his kind on …

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Where Can I Find Carbon Management Research?

October 26, 2015, by Michael Gillenwater

It was almost 5 years ago that we launched, with the former publisher Earthscan, a unique new scholarly journal titled Greenhouse Gas Measurement & Management. Now, for those of you …

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The Institute’s Top 4 Most Popular Blog Posts

April 2, 2015, by Michael Gillenwater

Over the years, we have accumulated a large trove of blog posts on carbon management topics. There are four pieces that continue to demand attention and are the most visited …

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Have you fallen for the green power accounting shell game?

January 26, 2015, by Michael Gillenwater

If you are reading this blog, then you probably spend part of your time working on the issue of climate change. Don’t you sometimes just get tired? Tired of the …

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Reflections on MRV in an Era of Climate Policy Sluggishness

November 25, 2014, by Michael Gillenwater
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Does the recent U.S. election matter to climate change policy?

November 6, 2014, by Michael Gillenwater
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Why do so many Americans deny climate change?

August 21, 2014, by Michael Gillenwater
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Primer on the new U.S. regulation on GHG emissions for carbon professionals

June 9, 2014, by Michael Gillenwater

“Can USEPA’s new power plant ‘rule’ break our climate logjam?”

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Is your “green power” really just “green washing?”

March 12, 2014, by Michael Gillenwater
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